A Company has 3 profitable retail brands in India

Assessment 3

1. A Company has 3 profitable retail brands in India (Jeramai, Marzudo and Xandreial). Post covid the company wants to study the following:
Sale Trend of Sept19 – Feb20
• Region wise graphical representation on MRP as well as Net Sales. Net Sales is MRP less Discount and Tax.
• Discount hit trending region wise.
• Average Transaction value (=Net Sale / Qty Sold) store wise and region wise monthly to be made.Final graphical representation should be region wise.
• Summary of brand-wise and channel-wise Net and Average Sales
Use the excel sheets provided to work out the above, you must combine data from all excel sheets in one to display results.
Create a word document mentioning the formula/function you used to achieve the above. Write a personal reflection in 200 words on the task.
Document must have a table of contents, your name and student id in header, page number and date in footer.